Theory of change LinGo
What we put in
– Culture of innovative problem solving in the legal sphere
– Own expertise in legal innovations, design thinking
– Examination of international and local specialists
– The power of HiiL and Legal Hackers brands
– Pooling partner resources
– International and national community, connections
– Time of organizers and volunteers
– Funds (grants, donations, rewards)
What comes out (activities):
– Thematic lectures, workshops, hackathons, trainings for entrepreneurs and training courses
– National and international networking based on Legal Hackers
– Involvement of volunteers in the implementation of projects
– A platform for presentations, collecting feedback, finding customers
– Training and grants for startups
– Mediation services for business
What that results in (outputs):
– Kyiv Legal Hackers Innovators Community
– A series of pitching events Legal Startup Crash Test
– A series of training courses on innovation in law Future Law School
– HiiL acceleration program for legal startups
– On-demand workshops, events, consulting
What effect that has (outcomes):
– We improve international relations for the exchange of ideas and cooperation among lawyers and entrepreneurs
– People expand their horizons, gain knowledge and skills from the best world practices
– People and small and medium-sized businesses solve legal problems more effectively
– The number of unresolved legal problems in society is decreasing
– Ukraine's economy is more competitive through the creation and development of sustainable legal startups
– Ukraine's image in the world is improving
Ultimate goal (impact):
We have created an innovative and entreprenerial environment that catalyzes everyone's self-development on the path to freedom, happiness and justice.
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